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How to change when change is constant

It is extremely rare for any organisation to change without some external pressure to do so. There are a great number of factors beyond the control of most organisations that can apply such pressures – changes in the political landscape, the economy and sociological aspects that may prompt a change in customer demands to name but a few.

Installing SharePoint Server 2016

This is an update to my previous blog post on installing SharePoint Server 2013 - there are very few practical changes to the process for SharePoint Server 2016.

As previously. before installing SharePoint Server we must ensure that all the preparations have been made. These two blog posts were written for SharePoint Server 2013 but remain relevant for SharePoint Server 2016 (except that the sp_Farm account no longer needs to be given the "log on locally" privilege):

A useful Remote control tool - and a PowerShell command to stop it!

Whilst researching ethical hacking for Quanta's expanding security portfolio, I came across a remote control tool that can control a Windows computer with no agent on the target device. To take control of a remote device, Administrator credentials on the remote machine and access to the IPC$ share through the firewall TCP:445 are required. Additionally it will attempt to 'ping' the target machine before connecting and will not attempt a connection unless ICMP echo requests are allowed.

ITIL lifecycle business game launched

Could you take on the running of a disaster relief effort in the wake of the worst storms and flooding seen in Ocean City’s history?! Can you work with others to ensure that the people get food and water, and don’t contract deadly diseases? Can you satisfy the "Powers-That-Be" that this humanitarian effort is a beacon to the world for how these efforts should be managed? If so, then welcome to Ocean City after some of the worst flooding in history and take on the challenge of OPERATION AFTERMATH - an IT Service Management business game.

Quanta is on G-Cloud 9

What is the Digital Marketplace and G-Cloud 9?

The Digital Marketplace is the online marketplace for G-Cloud 9, from which public sector bodies can review and buy cloud related courses. Quanta is registered on the 'lot' called Cloud Support through which we provide training on cloud software and the underlying technologies and processes that support them.

Why use G-Cloud?

The challenge of delivering IT services into the NHS

This infographic is useful in showing some of the course options available to address key questions in NHS IT departments.  Whether using the ITIL framework to match NHS aspirations or Resilia to ensure cyber resilience is 'baked-in' to IT services;  Quanta has many course options available on site at your premises or at the Worcester Training Centre.

Contact us for further information.

Shake up your training with business games

This term, ‘Business Game’, is it really the next generation of classroom learning?  Well, anything that has ‘grabbing a pizza’, ‘a slowly dying spacecraft’ or ‘building a rollercoaster’ has the effect of piquing the interest of most before they even set foot through the door.  That’s a good start, so no more dragging your teams, kicking and screaming to a week of death by PowerPoint. 

Spring Discounted Courses

What's happened to the weather!?  To brighten things up we're offering some hot discounts on numerous courses.  See all courses to check dates and availability.  And if you can't see what you want or the dates aren't right, please contact us - we'll look into your request straight away.  

Do you have ex-Forces employees?

If you employ anyone who used to be in the Forces, they could have access to training funding to help further their career.  Here you'll find some answers to how the process works and how you can help your employees.


Where does this money come from?

Forces leavers are given Enhanced Learning Credits that they can use to gain skills and qualifications to transition into civilian life.


Maximise your training budget

PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner status - important updates


PRINCE2 2017 - updates to Practitioner status

PRINCE2 2017 brings important changes to how your Practitioner status is maintained. With the previous version of PRINCE2, Practitioner status lasted for 5 years, however with the new update Practitioner status will last for 3 years.

You will no longer be able to renew your Practitioner status through a 're-registration' exam. Instead you will need to do one of the following to maintain Practitioner status.

Grueling World Record Rugby Match Achieved

Quanta had the easy task of sponsoring Scotties Little Soldiers and The Fire Fighter’s Charity in their quest to break the Guinness World Record of longest game of rugby ever played.  The less easy task was on the wide shoulders of 46, frankly bonkers, men who faced the grueling challenge that lasted 31 hours.  And they smashed it!

The cyber attack ‘WannaCry’ has opened a governance-sized can of worms

When the news broke on Friday (12th May) that a large number of organisations, including the NHS here in the UK, had been subjected to a successful major cyber attack, my first thoughts were “that’s terrible” followed quickly by “…but actually surprising that it hasn’t happened sooner.”

The technical problems have been widely reported and over the weekend the majority of the issues have been put right.

Change Management and Agile

Last week, as the climax to an incredibly busy month, I attended the Project Challenge conference at London Olympia, which is always worth attending, not least because it gives you a good sense of which aspects of project management are getting people talking.