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Expat Service Leavers Can Use ELCs From Anywhere


Many service leavers are taking the decision to move abroad after retiring from the armed forces. In an increasingly digital age, this sort of lifestyle choice has less bearing on potential career paths than it did as recently as five years ago.


Remedying the growing cyber threat to businesses


Cyber security is a bit like that little piece of broccoli that your grandmother always seems to get stuck on her face during Christmas dinner. No-one ever wants to talk about it, even though they know that they should. And, once it’s been addressed, everyone else breathes a big sigh of relief. 

The looming ELC deadline - 3 Reasons to check your spend allowance


Ok, hands up, who knew about the impending 31st of March 2021 ELC spend deadline?

It’s likely you know all about your wonderful Enhanced Learning Credits, and the key role they repeatedly play in resettlement success for service leavers. Receiving heavily subsidised training and personal development from the government? It sounds like a fairy tale entitlement; one that’s certainly too good to risk losing out on.

Virtual Classroom Learning (VCL) – Pass rates and Exam Flexibility

It’s natural to question things that you are unsure of. Getting reassuring answers to these questions is all you can hope for. Well, for those of you wondering about Quanta’s new VCL training, we can provide that reassurance. Seeing as the world has seen a recent pivot to a virtual workspace, we have experienced a great many enquiries surrounding the impact that the VCL platform has on pass rates. As is true when putting many minds at ease, the question is best answered in blog form. 

Quanta’s preparedness in the face of COVID-19

The global training market has seen a notable shift in the way that courses are expected to be delivered in the face of the ongoing pressures brought about by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are facing increasingly strained circumstances due to social circumstance.

The Dark Art of Data-Based Decisions

By 2025, IDC predicts there will be 163 zettabytes of digital data created worldwide. That’s roughly 163 billion Terabytes. Data analysis is becoming the focus point of corporate strategies the world over. If you need to make important strategic decisions, with sound reasoning, you need a team of great data analysts. Forget oil, these are the people that will drill for the world’s most valuable resource – and then refine it to its purest, most usable form.

How to fight failure – Exam success made easier

Who doesn’t find exams to be stressful? It shouldn’t be something that gets in the way of your success. We’ve done research into how our brains reacts to the fear of failure, and how to combat stress. The right tools can put you in position to smash any task! Success is right around the corner.

Leadership – all it takes is the LIA

Being the top dog in any group is a big responsibility. Therefore, we understand the value in being straightforward when talking leadership. There are two tangible pain points for leaders: the first is the impact of failure and the second is having to gain relevant experience over many years. Whether you’re the lead on a building project, the manager of a retail chain location or the MD of an entire organisation – you’re in a position where your team’s performance is predicated by your ability to lead them appropriately. However, every leader is struck by failure sooner or later. They will encounter a potentially unconquerable trial due to a lack of pertinent experience.

An Expert Talks ITIL®4 - Q&A

Our lead ITIL® trainer, Adam White-Bower, kindly sat down with us to answer any questions that ITIL4 novices may have. He also explains that it doesn’t matter if you’re already on board with the ITIL way of thinking - the latest iteration will make the difference in your services.

Back to Basics: the 7 ITIL®4 Guiding Principles

For the uninitiated, ITIL® can be a hard beast to tame. Emphasis on “can”. Well-versed ITIL masters know to consistently consult the 7 guiding principles of ITIL in any applicable circumstance. The recommendations from these principles support ITIL’s “adopt and adapt” approach. Guiding principles are best practice that can be applied by organisations in almost any service management initiative. We’ve compiled basic definitions and applications for each of the 7 guiding principles to encourage continual improvement within your organisation.